More than 70 people attended the launch of the Flower Box Festival on Sunday June 27th 2021.

Cancelled due to Covid last year, residents sprang into action and attended the launch of NARA’s Flower Box Festival, where they were invited to host a Flower Box in their front gardens as we emerge from lockdown, and celebrate with a splash of colour outside your door – which is also BEE friendly.

The event provided an opportunity for community action and hopefully will have a positive impact on those participating and those who pass by.

The idea is for residents to plant up a window box or a tub and join with their neighbours to create an uplifting colourful environment to promote the positive mental health benefits of flowers and foliage.

On the day, strawberries were provided by Local resident Arnaud of Saturn Bioponics, flower boxes were sold and D’Artagnan provided a musical background. All the flower boxes were sold on the day and orders for more were taken for delivery later.

The Triangle provided a fitting background to the afternoon, many thanks to Elise for her hard work.