Current projects
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The Triangle

One of our main projects has been adopting the Triangle – a neglected space on the corner of Hermitage Street and Francis Street – to transform this triangular corner into a ‘pocket garden’. The multiple benefits of establishing a natural oasis in the midst of our streets include offering a respite from the hurly-burly of daily urban life for the many passers-by and residents of the area, which has a positive impact on health and wellbeing. It is also hoped to foster a stronger sense of community spirit.

We held ‘Cake and Consultation’ events to get local people involved in the design, and successfully applied for funding through a Community Pride grant to fund the work. Work started in December 2018, when a team of 27 intrepid volunteers tackled snow, sleepers and a lot of topsoil over three days. Three new raised beds were built and over 1000 daffodil bulbs were planted by local residents and children on New Year’s Day.

The next phase was to plant it as a fragrant, colourful, bee- and butterfly-friendly cottage garden and choose a design for an additional planter for the corner of the garden – see the latest updates here.

July Flower Festival

We would like our area to be full of flowers for the month of July, presenting a bright front to the world as we emerge from lockdown, and so we are inviting everyone to plant up and display a window box or tub in their front garden.

To show participation we would like everyone to have a pinwheel or windmill in their box, to add some movement and draw attention to the fact we are all participating in a community effort.

Looking after a window box and making sure it flourishes can help with your wellbeing in addition to bringing joy to passers-by.

If you know of someone who would benefit from a window box, who is unable to provide one for themselves (for whatever reason), let us know and one will be supplied (planted up if necessary).

In June we will be holding an event on the Triangle to publicise the Flower Boxes and draw attention to the benefits of flowers on mental health.

If you would like to participate;
1. Plant up a tub or window box to be in flower in July.
2. Let us know you are participating and we will provide:
a. A pattern for a pinwheel/windmill for you to make or
b. A finished pinwheel for your tub or box.

We will invite all participants to the event on the Triangle in June and in the meantime look forward to seeing some bright and cheery displays.

Litter Picks

NARA have been running litter picks along the Bath Road and surrounding streets since November 2017, thanks to the generosity of Bath Road businesses who funded the purchase of 10 sets of litter picking equipment and Cheltenham Specsavers who donated 20 high-vis jackets.

Litter picks are held on the second Sunday in every month, meeting at 10.30am at The Triangle (corner of Hermitage Street and Francis Street). All volunteers are very welcome.