1. Naunton Area Residents Association

The name of the Association shall be the Naunton Area Residents Association, hereinafter called the ‘Association’.

2. Area Covered

The Naunton area, for the purposes of the Association, includes Clare Street, Exmouth Street, Naunton Parade, Naunton Terrace, Naunton Crescent, Hermitage Street, Francis Street, Langdon Road and Ewlyn Road.

3. Aims of the Association

The aims of the Association are to improve the physical environment of the area, promote a sense of community wellbeing, represent the interests of the community to local councils, businesses and agencies, and protect the area from inappropriate development. The Association will inform and communicate with residents to achieve these aims.

4. Objects and Power of the Association

The Association may do all such lawful things as are necessary, including co-operating with partners, local councils, businesses and agencies, for the attainment of the aims.

5. Membership

Membership is open to any individual living in the area, over the age of 18. Members accept the Constitution of the Association. All individual members are entitled to vote; each member has one vote and the Chair has the casting vote.

6. Annual General Meeting

There will be an Annual General Meeting to present details of the preceding year’s activities and to discuss issues of concern to be addressed during the coming year. Meetings may be called at any time between Annual General Meetings when there is cause, for example, when members believe that a problem has arisen or where there are issues to discuss.

7. Committee

The committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting for the period of one year. The committee shall comprise of no less than three officers (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) who shall all be members of the Association. Each street within the Naunton Area may have representative(s) on the committee.

8. Finance

Membership is £3 for individuals or £5 per household per annum, payable each January. Funds may also be raised for Association business and special projects through fundraising events, donations or voluntary contributions from members. Any monies paid to, or raised on behalf of, the Association shall only be spent in achieving the objectives of the Association and for no other purpose. No payment or other benefit shall be made to members of the Association. A bank account shall be opened in the name of the Association. Payments from the Association’s account shall be authorised by any two of a nominated three of the Association’s officers. Those signatories must be unrelated and must not live in the same household.

9. Alteration of the Constitution

Any alteration to this constitution can be made by a majority vote at a special meeting of the Association.

10. Dissolution

The Association can be dissolved at any time by a majority vote at a specially convened meeting.