It’s going to be a Cottage Garden!

In line with residents’ wishes for a fragrant, colourful, bee- and butterfly-friendly space, The Triangle will be planted as a Cottage Garden, which is very much aligned with a typical garden aspiration for the surrounding Victorian and Edwardian houses. We realise it will be a challenge to achieve year-round interest and low maintenance, however we have been encouraged by the number of people who have pledged their time to plant, weed and water.

Stage 1 Planting

The daffodils we planted on New Year’s Day will soon be replaced by architectural plants to give some structure and form the framework for the secondary plants to follow. In the process we will be salvaging the daffodils and if you would like some of these please let us know.

Which Planter?

We have room on The Triangle for one high-quality planter and we would like you to help decide its design. The planter will be at the apex and will be filled with seasonal plants to give year-round interest. Please let us know which design you think is most appropriate.

Sowing the Seeds

We would like to involve as many people as possible, and so we will be supplying seeds to anyone who would like to grow flowers for planting in the beds in the summer. It would be good to get children involved as well as adults. If we have surplus we will hold a plant sale.

Get involved!

If you would like to vote for a planter design, or would like some daffodils, seeds to sow or volunteer to help with the Triangle, please visit our Facebook page, send an email to or comment below (voting closes Friday 25 May).