Due to work commitments our Treasurer, Rob Willetts, has decided to stand down from this role. We are all immensely grateful for all his hard work looking after the pennies, setting up the necessary bank accounts and financial structure for NARA and for steering us through grant applications for the administration of NARA and The Community Pride Award for The Triangle Project which have been successful.

We are now looking for a volunteer to take up the post of Treasurer as soon as possible.  An overview of the role follows and if you are interested please contact the Chair, Derek Scarborough, to discuss in more detail: derekscarb@hotmail.com

Duties of the Treasurer

  • Collate funds from membership subscriptions, grants, collections and donations.
  • Administer the bank accounts (receive the statements, pay in, co-sign withdrawals).
  • Report to NARA at the meetings on the state of finances.
  • Make an annual report at the AGM on the finances of NARA.
  • Oversee/check the spending on projects to ensure we are within agreed spend.
  • Report on pending costs such as insurance renewal and ensure funds are kept available.
  • Be involved with grant applications.
  • Be involved with fundraising.
  • Administer new members.